Improve your communications

The Web is crowded. You have to be found in the crowd. You have to be interesting to keep the attention. You have a tremendous opportunity to reach niche customers directly. These direct communications have two parts: a communication channel and a story or message.

We’ll improve your communication channels.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
SEO gets you the broadest exposure, by improving the odds that you make it to the first page of search results. SEO is reach marketing. You get more exposure.
Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC)
PPC gets you the most relevant exposure, by telling your story where and when the customer wants it. PPC is penetration marketing. You convert more customers in your target market.
Social media marketing (SMM)
SMM gets you the most targeted exposure, by telling your story to people who care. SMM is relationship marketing. You create a community of interested and helpful customers.


We’ll also improve your story. We’ll make you interesting, beautiful, and relevant.

Traditional branding doesn’t work anymore. On the Web, branding is behavior. It’s not a logo, ad, or creative invention. Your business is the brand. A brand is what you do, what your customers do, and how all those behaviors interact. You create a distinctive identity by doing distinctive things and then telling about it in distinctive ways. We’ll show you how.
Good copy tells a good story. And everyone loves a good story. Stories are written in text. And that’s how customers find you through search engines and links. That’s why good copy gets you found. That’s how we’ll make you interesting and relevant and findable.
There’s something about beautiful things. Beauty captures our attention. And attention is the most precious commodity in online marketing. On the Web, beauty has cash value. Our designers create head-turning visuals, perfectly aligned with your copy. We’ll tell your story in style. It will be remembered.