Evidence of your value

Evidence proves your message. It can be a portfolio, a white paper or a report, sales collateral, a picture or a chart. Evidence comes in many forms, but it has to be clear. As simple as possible, but no simpler.

Once your customer wants your offering, evidence removes any barriers to action. Good evidence is consistent, true and appropriate. Evidence is often visual, and the visual display of quantitative information requires special care.

The message has to be congruent with the brand. It has to be consistent across customer touchpoints. It has be appropriate for your brand and your customers. We’ll do a thorough, logical and rhetorical analysis of your message. We’ll improve the credibility of your brand.

White papers and reports bolster your credibility. They present a comprehensive explanation that is impossible in any other genre of communication. We’ll write clear expository reports that explain the value of your offerings.

The visual display of quantitative information requires special techniques. It’s science and art.