Make the most of your reputation

A good reputation is your most important asset. You got yours by gaining the respect of your customers and by having something they desire. Both of those qualities are interesting. Beware of a common trap. A reputation is built on what you actually do. Creative inventions won’t build a reputation online. Like branding, reputation is behavior, towards your customers and your community.

We’ll help you gain the respect of your customers .

Customer Experience Marketing (CEM)
Sometimes, it’s not what gets done but the way it gets done. You create an experience with just the right level of interest, challenge, mystery and humor. We’ll show you how to create enlivening customer experiences that get conversions.
User-centered Design (UCD)
UCD is a method for designing application user interfaces. Our approach is empirical and iterative. Using information architecture, prototyping, and continuous testing you’ll deliver the goods in the most intuitive way.
Usability Studies
Offerings should be designed for ease of use. It’s rarely obvious how to do it. We use two usability study models: empirical and heuristic. Empirical studies draw conclusions from observations of actual customers. Heuristic studies audit customer experiences using well established usability guidelines. Either way, we’ll show you how to test your offerings for usability to get maximum conversion rates.

You have great products and services. Customers need them. It’s time to provoke desire.

Over 90% of information conveyed face-to-face is non-verbal. It’s called ‘sub-communication.’ Branding is behavior. It’s what you do. That’s why your brand sub-communicates more information than your marketing messages. Be somebody who deserves attention. We’ll show you powerful ways to sub-communicate value to customers.
You’ve got everyone’s attention. Now what? Well, you’ve got to say something. On the web, you’ll have about nine seconds to hold a customer’s attention. That’s hard. Believe us. This stuff is not for amateurs. We’ll craft copy that aligns with your brand. That kind of alignment builds credibility while making conversions.
Nice. You’ve got attention. You’ve said some cool and convincing things. Will customers act on your call to action? Only if it’s believable and beautiful. Intelligent design moves us away from mere usability to desirability. Make customers want you, specifically you, to solve their problems.